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"Some major events of 2017. Don't forget
 you can peruse the Event Archive for prior years
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2017 Events Archive Table

     "The World-Premiere of "The Tides of Mont Saint-Michel: A Montage" by Pianist Stanley Wong"~Hong Kong, China
     "Stanley Wong releases 'Wonderland' CD"
       ~Hong Kong, China
     "Renaissance Speakers Toastmasters Club #2374 — Officer Installation & Awards Event"
       ~La Canada/Flintridge, California, USA
     "Renowned Writer & Art/Theatre Critic Ed Rubin Visits Carol Worthey & Ray Korns"
       ~Los Angeles, California, USA
     "Honorary Judge for 'World Heritage Sites' Young Artists Competition"
       ~Hong Kong, China
     "Carol Worthey delivers 'The Wisdom of Voltaire' speech"
       ~Hollywood, California, USA
     "Maksim Velishkin 'Locally Grown Cello Music' featuring 'Homage to Bach' by Carol Worthey"
       ~Santa Monica, California, USA
     "The 'Ice Cream Sweet!' A Tasty New Ballet Done with Grace and Style!
       ~La Canada, California, USA

     "Is Sixty Seconds Enough Time to Pay Homage to Bach? No... That's Why Carol Wrote A Longer Work"
       ~Los Angeles, California, USA
     "Happy Birthday Carol Worthey!"
       ~Los Angeles, California, USA
     "A Musical Universe with A Perfect Landscape Enchants A Rapt Audience!"
       ~Los Angeles, California, USA
     "Creating A New Work Based on An Ancient and Magical Place!"
       ~Los Angeles, California, USA
     "Happy New Year!"

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Concert Poster
Score 'Bells of Time'
Score 'Tides'
Score Cover

World Heritage Sites Concert
Featuring the World Premiere of
The Tides of Mont Saint-Michel: A Montage
by Carol Worthey

Stanley Wong & Gary Ngan

Hosted by Stanley Wong

I'm immensely thrilled and honored that Concert Pianist Stanley Wong will premiere my piano suite that travels back in time to an age of kings and saints, knights and ninja-like monks protecting the coast of France, fierce and spiritual times of the Age of Chivalry, on July 15th in Hong Kong.
The Tides of Mont Saint Michel: A Montage! is a kind of TIME TRAVEL with these evocative movements:
  • The Bells of Time
  • Illumination
  • Battle Cry of St. Michael-in-Peril-of-The-Sea
  • Chant Angelicus
  • Chanson de Roland
  • Tides
  • Bells Echo through The Ages
  • Total duration of the suite: 21:35
    The initial premiere was exceptionally well received and Stanley Wong is planning another performance this August!
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    Wonderland Audio CD
    Wonderland Audio CD
    Wonderland Audio CD
    Wonderland Audio CD
    Recipe for Mock Turtle Soup - Score Cover

    Audio CD Released

    Piano/Toy Piano:
         Stanley Wong
         Sarah Martin,
         Tsai Chih Fan,
         Chaung Jing,
         Christine Wan
    Children's Chorus:
         Taipei Young Singers

    Chapter 9 Music by Carol Worthey

    During the following concert, Maestro Stanley Wong presented the audience with the release of his new CD:
    From Shadow Box to French Chateax
    The World Premiere of
    The Tides of Mont Saint-Michel
    (Les Marées de Mont Saint-Michel en Montage)
    by Carol Worthey
    and Release of "Wonderland CD"!
    Stanley Wong Pianist & Recording Artist
    July 15th, 2017,
    Hong Kong City Hall Recital Hall
    At this concert Stanley Wong released his "Wonderland" CD , featuring recordings of his concerts in Hong Kong and Taiwan in 2016, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the iconic book Alice in Wonderland . Carol's piece Recipe for Mock Turtle Soup for Children's Chorus, Piano & Narrator, Words & Music by Carol Worthey , was part of a concert featuring 14 composers from around the world. Stanley reports he sold many CDs at this July 15th, 2017 concert. He sent a CD to Carol that arrived on July 24th to her home — what a fun and engaging CD it is!
    Chapter 9: Recipe for Mock Turtle Soup - Carol Worthey (for Children's Chorus, Reciter & Piano)
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    Toastmasters Triple Crown Award

    Renaissance Speakers
    Toastmasters Club #2374 — Officer Installation & Awards Event

    In a special event held at the home of Richard and Susan Stewart in La Canada/Flintridge, both Carol Worthey and Ray Korns were awarded a special trophy by Outgoing Renaissance Speakers Club President Serena McCullough called the Triple Crown Award. To earn this, Carol and Ray had to achieve completions in 20 Speeches from an Advanced Toastmasster Manual and the Basic Manual and the Competent Leader Manual!
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    Ed Rubin

    Renowned Writer & Art/Theatre Critic Ed Rubin Visits Carol Worthey
    in Los Angeles.

    Carol Worthey and her wonderful husband Ray Korns first met scintillating and supportive writer and art/theatre critic Ed Rubin in Florence, Italy at the 2007 Biennale International Art Exhibit, where he heard Carol's music Fanfare for The New Renaissance Opening Day and visited her painting exhibit.
    Ed and Carol have corresponded since then and become fast friends. Ed (known informally as "Fast Eddy" — he's such a card!) hails from Manhattan, but came to Los Angeles in May. Getting lost on the Freeway was no fun, but Carol and Ray soothed his soul when we all enjoyed eating a fine dinner at popular Emle's Restaurant in Northridge California.
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    World Heritage Sites - Young Artists' Competition Program

    Honorary Judge for
    World Heritage Sites
    Young Artists Competition
    in Hong Kong

    Stanley Wong , Sponsor

    Carol Worthey was thrilled to be one of three internationally-recognized painters to be chosen as Art Judge for a truly mind-blowing World Heritage Sites Young Artists' Competition created by Concert Pianist and Concept Originator Stanley Wong . Three age groups of young artists competed and their work was amazing! The Kindergarten aged students competed via clay arts, The Juniors were in the 4 to 8 year-old range, and the Seniors were in the 13 to 17 year-old range. Each group received a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place award as well as Honorable Mentions. What precocious talent, glowing beauty, precision of design, and variety of sites chosen!!
    And what a challenge to select winners in such a visual feast. Each artist seemed to absorb not only the physical look but the mood, history and very soul of their chosen site, from the Eiffel Tower to Machu Pichu in the Andes, to the endangered Australian Coral Reef. Let the works speak for themselves:
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    Carol Worthey Delivers a Speech
    "The Wisdom of Voltaire"

    Hollywood California

    Having researched the life, wisdom and wit of Voltaire, Carol Worthey had great pleasure imparting some of his amazing quotes and enlightening the Renaissance Spealers Toastmaster Club and Guests, Hollyuwood, California about this indelible genius.
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    Maksim Velishkin, Cello (photo by Matthew Hetz)
    Homage to Bach Score Cover

    Locally Grown
    Cello Music

    Master Cellist Maksim Velichkin
    Presents Los Angeles Composers' Works

    Maksim Velishkin , Cello

    Music by Carol Worthey

    Once again, amazing cellist Maksim Velichkin honored Carol Worthey with another performance of her Homage to Bach poignant theme and variations in a concert featuring 12 contemporary living composers from Greater Los Angeles, including Nick Gianopoulous .
    The work was very well-received by the attending audience in the charming recital hall of the Santa Monica public library!
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    Ice Cream Sweet Ballet Program Cover - Carol's Artwork
    Ice Cream Sweet Ballet Program
    Ice Cream Sweet Ballet Program
    Ice Cream Sweet Ballet Program
    Ice Cream Sweet Ballet Program

    Ice Cream Sweet!
    A Tasty New Ballet Done with Grace and Style!

    California Contemporary Ballet performed by our
    Youth Ballet Company
    Choreography by Artistic Director Aerin Holt and Lynn Bryson Pittenger

    Carol Worthey , Composer
    Stanley Wong , Piano

    Composer Carol Worthey explains her inspiration:
    "I consider ice cream to be one of the greatest inventions in human history! It certain makes people happy and it is enjoyed everywhere on Earth in flavors that sometimes defy the imagination. When Concert Pianist Stanley Wong asked me to write a composition for him, I decided that it was about time I portrayed in music some of these delicious concoctions. I determined that each piece in it should flow into the next with short promenades or marches and that the variety of flavors that I described should not only be distinctive, but that the whole work should function AS a whole and flow together as seamlessly as possible."
    Artistic Director Aerin Holt adds:
    "Carol knew that whatever flavor she chose to depict, it would be based on a kind of dance or music set-piece, such as a waltz or nocturne (night-description) and knew that the work would have to be very pianistic and evocative... and fun!"

    Aerin was drawn to the simplicity of the single piano recording, describing it as "a beautiful composition... enhanced by a certain romanticism. I felt the ballet should hold to an old-fashioned feel and intimacy, similar to a well worn photo of a couple in love or a child tasting her first cone at the parlor on a warm afternoon." For Ms. Holt, the richness of each flavor is expressed through both dramatic and subtle movement qualities.
    Lynn Pittenger 's choreography would draw from her experience with Balanchine to create Ginger, renamed for the ballet as Berry Sorbet, and The Romance of Coffee and Butter Pecan created as a trio with the Ice Cream Man.
    Cast of Dancers:
    Ice Cream Man:Harry Peterson
    Parlor Girls:Abigail Risdon, Sofia Farias, Angela Yedgarian
    Vanilla Chorus:Sara Zimmermann, Elle Peterson, Kate Bonham, Emily Truong
    Berry Sorbet:Kate Bonham
    Chocolate:Eleanor Squires
    Double Fudge:Sarai Golden-Krasner & Heather Eberhard
    Mango:Emily Truong
    Butter Pecan:Kate Bonham
    Coffee:Sara Zimmermann
    Cherries Jubilee:Elle Peterson
    Mint & Chocolate Chips, Marshmallows, Cherry Cream:Payson Dillon, Kaia Jacobson, Nadia Chung, Madison Ferren
    Production, Direction, Sets, Website:Aerin Holt
    Costume Design & Construction:Christine Morrison, Nancy Scott
    Donated Costumes:Lynn Pittenger
    Light Designer:Bosco Flanagan
    Cover Art for Promotion, Poster & Program:Carol Worthey
    Ice Cream Sweet was commissioned and world-premiered by renowned Concert Pianist Stanley Wong in Hong Kong 2015. He performed the music again in 2017 to great acclaim... and an ice cream reception!
    The Ice Cream Sweet Ballet was performed for a live studio audience to a pre-recorded soundtrack recorded by Stanley Wong at a Hong Kong studio in 2017. Below you can listen to the Full Performance.

      Ice Cream Sweet — Full Performance, Stanley Wong, Piano

    Below you can listen individually to each ballet scene.

      Scene 1: Ice Cream Man (Music Title: Grand March of Flavors)

      Scene 2: Vanilla Goes with Everything

      Scene 3: Vanilla Promenade (Music Title: Stately Promenade)

      Scene 4: Berry Sorbet (Music Title: Ginger)

      Scene 5: Chocolate and Double Fudge (Music Title: Fanfare for All Things Chocolate)

      Scene 5: Chocolate and Double Fudge (Music Title: Double Fudge Chocolate Fugue)

      Scene 6: Mango Meets Coconut

      Scene 7: The Romance of Coffee and Butter Pecan (Music Title: Falling in Love)

      Scene 7: The Romance of Coffee and Butter Pecan (Music Title: The Romance of Coffee & Butter Pecan)

      Scene 8: The Melting of Mint Chocolate Chip

      Scene 9: Ice Cream Parlor Promenade

      Scene 10: Cherries Jubilee

      Scene:11: All Things Chocolate (Reprise)

      Scene 12: Rocky Road

      Scene 13: Finale: Grand March of Flavors

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    Los Angeles Library - Edendale Branch
    Homage to Bach Score Cover

    Is Sixty Seconds Enough Time to Pay Homage to Bach?
    That's Why Carol Wrote A Longer Work

    Maksim Velichkin , Cello

    Music by Carol Worthey

    Maksim Velichkin presented a beautiful set of solo cello pieces, from traditional to contemporary, including Carol Worthey 's Homage to Bach. Maksim is a master of cello technique and expression, plus an extraordinary improviser on piano and a "impresario" who presides monthly over musical presentations at MiMoDa Cafe & Dance Studio on Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles. He has been most generous and encouraging to Carol about her music ever since he premiered her Russian Scenes Cello Duo years earlier along with Cellist Ruslan Biryukov.
    In 2015 Maksim Velichkin had invited Carol Worthey to participate in his creative concept Homage to Bach, part of the innovative and prestigious Fifteen Minutes of Fame Vox Novus project. Her sixty-second miniature entitled Each Age Fades but Bach (which used the notes E-A-C-F etc. mentioned in the anagram-title) was selected. In May 2015 Maksim premiered all fifteen works by contemporary composers at Brand Library of Music and Art, Glendale California.
    At the same time Carol had envisioned a more extended work which she called Homage to Bach, originally commissioned by Cellist Suzanne Mueller as part of a longer work called Solitaire. It is this longer work Homage to Bach (not the 60-second piece) that Maksim performed at Edendale Library. In this piece, Carol began with a poignant theme that is part outcry , part lyricism, later enhancing it with a set of variations in different moods which then return returning to the initial theme. Maksim has performed this longer work earlier at MiMoDa and at the Will & Ariel Durant Library in Hollywood. Carol says, "With a star cellist like Velichkin, I'm a very fortunate camper." She also feels that it is wonderful to know that libraries around LA and the country are featuring outstanding musicians in informal concerts for their public.
    The audience gathered at Edendale Library thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, which included a piece by George N. Gianopoulos and others.
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    Happy Birthday Carol Worthey!

    Happy Birthday Carol Worthey!
    Studio and Balloons - what could be better?

    Carol Worthey celebrated her birthday with family and friends. They provided food, drink, cake, candles and balloons. Carol's husband provided a multi-media cinematic surround-sound custom performance in a state-of-the-art studio (which he provided thanks to PhotoShop, the Gimp and some tweaks [grin]).
    All in all, it was a great day!
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    In My Perfect Landscape - Premiere Performance
    Windsong Players Chamber Ensemble
    Perfect Landscape Score Cover

    A Musical Universe with A Perfect Landscape Enchants A Rapt Audience!

    Windsong Players Chamber Ensemble
    perform the
    World-Premiere of

    In My Perfect Landscape
    for Soprano, Flute, Violin & Piano

    Veronica Bell, Soprano
    Alice Pero, Flute
    Shushan Hakobyan, Piano
    Ruben Aghiyan, Violin

    Words by Alice Pero, Music by Carol Worthey

    A delightful concert from start to finish (music by Quantz, Mozart, Copland, Schubert, Chopin, Ruben Aghiyan and ending with Carol Worthey 's new song setting of In My Perfect Landscape for Soprano (the charismatic Veronica Bell whose voice is rapturously beautiful and expressive), Flute (ably performed—and commissioned—by Alice Pero , whose beautiful poem inspired Carol greatly), Ruben Aghiyan (excellent violinist and composer himself, who presented his own composition Heavenly Angel for Violin & Piano, written in honor of his mother) and Shushan Hakobyan (a wizard on the piano, a true master and highly sensitive artist with exceptional tone-color and fluidity).
    A very attentive audience of music lovers, fellow performers, families and children were entranced and stood for a long Ovation at the end of the Premiere and Concert.
    Praise from the performers is always extra-special, because they are the ones who have to bring the music alive and because they know their craft, their challenges and their hard-work to learn the piece better than anyone. Here is one such noteworthy comment:
    "This is MY SONG! Even though I gave a whole Solo Concert yesterday, I couldn't get your song out of my mind! It stays with me! You really know how to write for the voice, Carol! I can't wait to record this on a CD!"
    Veronica Bell ,
    Renowned Soprano, International Opera Singer, Teacher and Art Song Specialist
    And the Audience? Nearly every person there came up to the performers and composer Carol Worthey with enthusiastic praise! Here are just three of the raves:
    "A truly divine finish to a heavenly afternoon. So interesting to hear Alice's piece become song. It made the poem not larger than itself but created a new universe right beside it that was astonishing. Many congratulations Carol!"
    Lois P. Jones ,
    Renowned Poet, Co-Founder of Moonday Poetry Readings and Radio Host

    "You've outdone yourself! The song has a very special peacefulness. I just loved it and so glad I came!"

    "Congratulations, Carol, on a spectacular premiere! Your piece was wonderful to close a concert by amazing performers. There was something very special happening in that church."
    Jim Ellingson ,
    fellow Toastmaster and knowledgeable Classical-Music Afficionado who regularly attends concerts with Carol Worthey's Music

    "A beautiful song, one of your best works! I particularly loved the way you completed each melodic phrase [in the voice] with interweaving of the flute and violin!"
    Naomi Conners ,
    Toastmaster, who has attended—for twenty years or so—nearly every Southern California concert that has featured Carol Worthey's music
    The venue deserves praise as well: Eagle Rock Covenant Church is a lovely, lofty and serene space with perfect acoustics, a good-sized stage, gently glowing stained-glass windows, cushioned pews, an excellent piano (like Carol Worthey's own piano, a George Steck!) and a very nice and helpful church staff! Carol would like to thank Church Board Member Leo and his wife for making the performers and audience feel especially comfortable and welcome.
    Here is Carol's Composer Preface to the music score (which includes the beautiful poem by Alice Pero) to give you more of an idea of the impact and vision that took hold of the composer when creating In My Perfect Landscape.
    In My Perfect Landscape - Composer's Preface
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    Score Cover

    Creating A New Work Based on An Ancient and Magical Place!

    At the start of the year Pianist Stanley Wong treated his beloved mom to a special trip to France all the way from Hong Kong. His photos of French landmarks are full of his admiration for the history, culture, food and warm reception they received in France. Stanley has always been so creative in arriving at exciting concepts for concerts that often include participation by young performers and visual artists — this concert (slated for August 2017) was no exception (See June 2017 for news about Carol as Art Judge for the Young Artists Competition: World Heritage Sites ).
    Accordingly (to Carol's delight) Stanley commissioned Carol Worthey to compose a special solo piano work evoking French treasure and World Heritage Site, the island monastery Mont Saint-Michel, which Carol herself had visited quite a few years ago — an indelible memory. So during the week of January 15th, Carol began composing what was to become her 7-part suite The Tides of Mont Saint-Michel. Creating this work was truly a life-changing experience for Carol — since every time she went to the piano to compose or improvise, it felt like she was time-traveling back-back-back to the age of Knights and Monks.
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    Happy New Year!

    Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

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