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Carol Worthey Events 2014


"Some major events of 2014. Don't forget
 you can peruse the Event Archive for prior years
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2014 Events Archive Table

     "5th Composers Concert Series - Ross James Carey, Pianist"~Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
     "Angel Wings, Strings and A Baritone!"~UC Irvine, California
     "Maksim Velichkin – Homage to Bach"~The Brand Library – Glendale, California
     "Night Fantasy Drawing Competition for Young Artists - Winners Announced"~Hong Kong, China
     "In Praise of Great Performers"~Los Angeles, California
     "Bravissimo to World-Class Performers Presenting 'Romanza' in Beautiful Croatia"~Rovinj, Istria, Croatia
     "Stanley Wong's 'Night Fantasy' Concert Takes Hong Kong on a Night Flight and gains a Great Review!"
     "Mountains of Praise for the Swiss Premiere of 'Romanza'"~Sils, Switzerland
     "Happy New Year!"

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Ross James Carey, Piano
Kuala Lumpur - Performing Arts Centre
Fantasia by Carol Worthey, Composer

5 th UiTM klpac Malaysian Composers Series
featuring 'Fantasia'

Ross James Carey, Piano

Music by Carol Worthey


November 22 nd 2014 afternoon concert

Faculty of Music
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Shah Alam, Malaysia

(Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre)
Sentul Park,

Faculty of Music UiTM and KLPac proudly presented the 5th Composers Concert Series 2014 in collaboration of the Society of Contemporary Malaysian Composers, Swedish Embassy and Petrof Piano.
Lecturers and students in New Music Ensemble were presented as well as voices performing new contemporary works by composition students and works by other composers.
The concert series is the 5th for Faculty of Music UiTM to promote and nurture new composition works by students and other composers in Malaysia. It is also to nurture student performers to perform composer new works. This encourages new works by composers and adds and broadens the music cultural scene.
These new works reflect the diversity of talent and musical style of Malaysian composers and provides an open platform for these new works. It is an alternative for other composer’s artistic expression to the usual popular music scene in Malaysia. It is also a unique opportunity to promote contemporary music by young students and new composers, as well as established one to our local audience.
Creation of new works needs continuity and culture needs these works in order not to become stagnant. This composer concert series will provide this gap and in the future will establish itself to become platform for new works by students and young Malaysian composers.
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Carol Worthey / Stefan Miller / Darryl Taylor
Performers and Composers
Stefan Miller and String Quartet
Trevor Arts Center, UC Irvine
Cover: Pater Noster for Baritone Solo and String Quartet by Carol Worthey

World Premiere
Pater Noster
for Baritone and
String Quartet

Stefan Miller, Baritone
CSU String Quartet

Music by Carol Worthey


"Art Song &
  Artistry Concert"
Friday, May 23 rd , 2014

Winifred Smith Hall
Claire Trevor School of the Arts
Music Department UC Irvine

What do you do when you hear Angels' wings fluttering and a yearning prayer for a better world lifts skyward, soaring above the raucous tumult of our times? (I really did hear angel wings fluttering around my head... in case you sceptics were wondering. Imagined or real, the flutter trembled in my astounded ears as if the wind were shimmering in branches about me. Composers are subject to such moments every now and then. That's part of the job description. So... what do you do?) If you're me, Carol Worthey , you create Pater Noster (The Lord's Prayer) for Baritone and String Quartet.
Then the wings sadly ceased and the score sat forlorn on my display shelf, the paper barely shifting as if the room were airless, for years — but now When I heard from Darryl Taylor (extraordinary Tenor and Mentor) that Pater Noster for Baritone and String Quartet would at last have its World-Premiere, I was really excited! On Friday, May 23rd, 2014 at the Art Song and Artistry Concert , Baritone Stefan Miller with the USC String Quartet, in a concert held at Winifred Smith Hall at UCI (University of California at Irvine) Claire Trevor School of the Arts, Music Department, Vocal Arts the work was beautifully premiered. I could feel the Angel wings around me! (You never know. Angels are busy but they do tune in when they're needed.)
Darryl Taylor, Professor of Voice, Event Curator
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Maksim Velichkin, Cello

Fifteen Minutes of Fame
with Maksim Velichkin

Homage to Bach
     for Solo Cello

Maksim Velichkin, Master Cellist

Music by Carol Worthey


Sunday, May 4th, 2014
Brand Library & Art Center
Glendale, California


Announcing results for Fifteen Minutes of Fame
with Maksim Velichkin - Homage to Bach

Vox Novus called for one-minute pieces for solo cello dedicated to Maksim Velichkin with a theme of an Homage to Bach.
Receiving close to 100 submissions, the first set of 15 works of this unique call was premiered by Maksim Velichkin at The Brand Library & Art Center in Glendale California on Sunday May 4th.
The theme of this Fifteen Minutes of Fame is an Homage to Bach; works submitted were based on, developed from, and otherwise related to the pitches BACH. This serves as a uniting factor for all the compositions.
Maksim Velichkin has been active as a solo performer, chamber and orchestra musician, both locally and throughout the world. Mr. Velichkin has appeared as a soloist with Uzbekistan National Symphony, Duquesne Contemporary Ensemble, American Youth Symphony, as well as Torrance, Westchester, Southeast and Bellflower orchestras. He has toured extensively to Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australia with the prestigious Verbier Chamber and Verbier Festival Symphony Orchestras.
Selected composers for Fifteen Minutes of Fame included:
Valentine to Bach   by Adrienne Albert
Fleeting Glance   by Peter Birkby
Fragments on B-A-C-H   by George. N. Gianopoulos
B-A-C-H: When Johann Met Anton   by Elliott Goldkind
towards B-A-C-H   by Rocco Harris
Bach Straight and Mixed   by Matthew Hetz
Homage to Bach   by Dmitry Kitsenko
BOX GIGUE   by Veronika Krausas
Valse Triste   by Mark Robson
B. W. Bach   by Warren Sherk
Scion of Eisenach   by Samuel Stokes
BACH   by William Toutant
Definitely Not Bach   by Blair Whittington
Homage to BACH   by Christopher M. Wicks
Each Age Fades but Bach   by Carol Worthey
You can find more information here
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Night Fantasy     Drawing Competition
Winners Announced!

Stanley Wong, Sponsor
Carol Worthey, Honorable Judge

The irrepressible spirit of Stanley Wong , Concert Pianist and Mentor, conceived this 'Night Fantasy Drawing Competition' for Young Artists. Maestro Wong really cares about encouraging young talent in both music and art. Accordingly, he asked Carol Worthey to officiate as Honorable Judge of the art competition, in her capacity as a Visual Artist as well as a Music Composer. Carol says, "This was indeed an honor --- and seeing the phenomenal talent of these youngsters (who hail from Hong Kong) was an aesthetic thrill. Not to mention a challenge. Such wonderful, colorful, imaginative and skilled works of art!"
At an event on April 13th, 2014 Stanley Wong will present the awards and certificates to the winners at the 'Art Fusion' concert where he will marry each winning submission with and appropriate musical composition and performance.
Below, you can view the award winner's works. Congratulations to all of the competitors!
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Carol Worthey, Composer

In Praise of Great Performers

Carol Worthey, Composer

"I am profoundly grateful to all the many performers who have devoted themselves to really connecting with audiences and bringing maximum beauty and authenticity of emotion to their listeners --- this kind of excellence brings music alive! This kind of excellence validates the creative efforts of composers of the past and present, for without performers and listeners, the music that we composers create dies. I am so happy that --- without exception --- the performers gravitating to my compositions shine with intense musicality, in-depth understanding and exquisite technique. In fact, I have been getting such performances now for quite some years with every concert and every soloist or performing group in countries in Europe, the US and Asia. After composing since the age of 3 1/2, this is a new plateau for me as a composer to have such outstanding interpreters love my music and convey that love to their audiences! It is especially gratifying to me to find that these superlative artists are also warm people with passion for life and strong discipline and standards of professionalism --- the kind of passion that energizes their performances, the kind of discipline and professionalism that makes it easy and fun to work with them. How fortunate I am and how grateful, truly from my heart! Such supportive collaboration makes music sing in my soul and spurs me on to create new works at the highest standards I can produce! It's a win-win situation for EVERYbody, creator, interpreter and listener alike!" --- Carol Worthey
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Yury Revich 'selfy' at Hotel Lone, Rovinj, Croatia
Concert Poster
Romanza by Carol Worthey, Composer

Bravissimo to World-Class Performers Presenting "Romanza" in Beautiful Croatia

Yury Revich, Violin
Matea Leko, Piano

On Sunday evening, March 30th, 2014 superb Violinist Yury Revich (just returned non-stop from playing concertos in Monterrey, Mexico and in Berlin) accompanied by beautiful and gifted pianist Matea Leko performed in front of a distinguished and enthusiastic audience in Lone Hotel, an architectural jewel of contemporary design. The two young, handsome and distinguished artists rendered the beautiful Cesar Franck "Sonata" after which they played Carol Worthey 's "Romanza" for Violin & Piano. The concert was sponsored by the Dino Skrapic Foundation, which benefits outstanding early-career musicians and science/engineering students from Croatia so that they can to on to advanced studies, concertizing and researching throughout the world.
A composer's thrill can hardly get better than this: Two gorgeous, vibrantly young and increasingly world-renowned Master Performers performing in one of the most dynamic 5-star-boutique hotels in the world, located in a lush forest a few minutes away from the charming town of Rovinj, Croatia with its harbor of yachts and fishing vessels and its colorful houses and shops nestled up into the hills overlooking the aquamarine Adriatic!
Immediately after the concert, tireless and brilliant Violinist Yury Revich wrote,

"Just played a very nice recital in beautiful Rovinj with wonderful Matea Leko, yesterday Konzerthaus Berlin was complete playing beautiful concertos, and already getting over after jet lag after Mexico where I played 3 days ago. Thanks to a great organizers which made me to spend these crazy days in a maximum comfort and joy!:) And bravo to Carol Worthey for a great piece we performed:)" --- Yury Revich
Pianist Matea Leko sent Carol the following message right after the concert:

"Hey Carol! Many greetings from Rovinj from Yury, me and the organization ladies! We had a wonderful concert and enjoyed your "Romanza" together with the audience! All the best to You, Until next performance:)" --- Matea Leko
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Hong Kong Space Museum Logo
Hong Kong Space Museum
Night Kaleidoscope Poster
Fantasia by Carol Worthey, Composer

Stanley Wong's "Night Fantasy" Concert Takes Hong Kong on a Night Flight and gains a Great Review!

Stanley Wong, Piano

Hong Kong Concert Pianist Stanley Wong , who singlehandedly is exploring adventurous contemporary piano repertoire of composers throughout the world, appropriately presented an exciting concert in the gorgeous space-age architecture of the Hong Kong Space Museum on Sunday evening, March 23rd, 2014. The concert featured works centered on the concept of "Night Fantasy." A packed audience responded with excitement and appreciation to the varied and imaginative works which included Carol Worthey 's "Fantasia" (a Hong Kong Premiere — celebrated Pianist Helen Lin had World-Premiered "Fantasia" the year earlier throughout central China). The adventurous and imaginative concert by Maestro Wong gained a rave review by musician and journalist Tak-Shing Chan :

"Thank you Stanley for a wonderful evening tonight. Starting with an impressive Scriabinistic left-hand nocturne by Hersch (from the Abby Whiteside school) and ending with the Night Train Boogie by Mosher, the last piece began with crushing polychords (F/F#) a la Halloween movies and suddenly turned into Boogie Woogie without warning. Very humorous indeed and a great ending for today's event. Davidson's Star Myths was a unique performance as it was effectively co-composed by Davidson the composer and Wong the pianist; it was as much a test of improvisaional skills as it was a test of pianistic abilities. I most enjoyed your performances of Godfrey's Night Walk and Worthey's Fantasia this time - you were able to masterfully recreate the mixture of emotions in Night Walk and the image of a girl dancing in Fantasia. Last but not least, your programme notes were as well researched and informative as usual."
Carol Worthey is particularly proud to have been cited in this Review as one of Reviewer Chan's favorite works in the program! And Composer Worthey is extremely grateful to Stanley Wong for his consistent support of her works and for his sensitive and beautiful performances. In April 2014 he will give the China Premiere of "Simple Ditty" for Flute and Piano in a concert/award presentation and exhibit of Nighttime Fantasy music and artworks by talented young Hong Kong Artists. Carol Worthey was particularly honored to be the Art Competition Judge for these remarkably talented young artists.
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Yury Revich and Matea Leko, Sils, Switzerland
Romanza by Carol Worthey, Composer

Mountains of Praise for the Swiss Premiere of 'Romanza'

Yury Revich, Violin
Matea Leko, Piano

On Wednesday evening, February 26th, brilliant world-class performers, Yury Revich , Violin, and Matea Leko , Piano performed Carol Worthey 's "Romanza" at the Konzertraum Offene Kirche in Sils, Switzerland. The concert also featured Cesar Franck 's justly famous and beautiful "Violin Sonata" , as well as exciting works by Sarasate and Liszt . The concert was enthusiastically applauded by the packed audience in this beautiful church nestled in the Alpine countryside near famous St. Moritz.
Yury Revich is without doubt one of the fastest-rising young violinists in the world, residing in Vienna and concertizing throughout Europe and Central America in major violin concerto concerts and intimate recitals. His busy schedule reveals his tireless energy, virtuoso skills, and passion to perform at the highest levels of artistry.
Beautiful Matea Leko hails from Croatia, lives in Vienna and is making her name throughout Europe for her sensitive touch and lovely tone and phrasing. Carol hopes to see both of them come to the United States soon and wow audiences and impressarios here as they have throughout Europe.
It is worthy of note that Revich and Leko scheduled "Romanza" for a second concert at the end of March 2014 (see March 2014 Events for details) in charming Rovinj, Croatia that was an exciting success. It is gratifying to composer Carol Worthey that this work has made its place in the repertoire of these two exciting performers.
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Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

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