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Carol Worthey Events 2002


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2002 Events Archive Table

     "ASI Pulp Fiction Adventures Theatre"
     "Catalina Carol"

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Lee Purcell / David Bartlett
Carol Worthey / David Bartlett

Carol Worthey was Music Director for the L. Ron Hubbard Pulp Fiction Adventures Theatre production of "The Professor Was A Thief" at Author Services, Inc. in the L. Ron Hubbard Gallery at 7051 Hollywood Boulevard just West of Mann's Chinese.

These photos were taken immediately following the performance and show Actress Lee Purcell and Director/Writer David Bartlett as well as Carol Worthey .

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Catalina Carol Worthey

All work and no play make Composer Carol Worthey a dull girl. Here is 'Catalina' Carol holding up a pretzel representing the state of her muscles prior to this trip. Carol started with "The Blues", but as you can clearly see, she now has "The Purples".

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