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Carol Worthey Fine Art


"This page contains Carol Worthey's visual artist biography."

The Painter

My Purpose as An Artist

I believe that Art (music, painting, dance, literature, etc.) is the most powerful form of communication between peoples, cultures and individuals on this planet. It is the responsibility of Artists as prophets and healers to put more love, understanding and harmony into all our lives.

As both a professional Composer and Painter, I think Beauty is important. I work hard to give my paintings the emotional power and immediacy of music.

As an orchestral composer, I have learned to discipline myself to develop my craft and technical skill. When I paint, I combine spontaneity and precision in every stroke of the brush and am conscious of how the overall design gives continuity to the work. I believe that when a viewer responds to my paintings, he or she contributes to the experience of art in an imaginative, personal way and is actually creating the work of art along with me!

Thus it is my deepest wish to inspire others to recognize their own creativity.
My motto is "Painting the music of the heart!"

My techniques in production

I create artworks in a wide variety of media (watercolor, oil, acrylic, collage, pen and ink, pastels and colored pencils) and a wide variety of styles from abstract to photorealism.

Gallery Shows, Museum Shows, and Art Studies

Carol Worthey at
          RISD [ age 6 ] - artist unknown
Carol at RISD
[ age 6 ] artist unknown

As a very small child I composed music and drew incessantly. When I was five, my parents (noticing that I was drawing like a skilled teenager) brought me to famed Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where I was tested and allowed to study in adult classes (anatomy, color theory, oil painting, life drawing, design, etc.) for seven happy years. In addition, famous Providence artist Mr. [Gino] Conti taught me Native American arts and crafts from his private studio.

At Columbia University while majoring in Music Composition, I studied Art History and Japanese Brushwork and exhibited.

In the late 60's I lived in Mexican art colony San Miguel de Allende where I learned decoupage, macrame and other native arts at a fine-arts level.

While studying at Aspen Music Festival I also took landscape classes at Aspen Art Barn and exhibited my work in oils.

I have studied watercolor technique with Pomm Hepner and Susan Warshaw .

To date I have had thirteen art exhibits and am in the permanent collection of two museums, RISD and Folk and Craft Museum, Los Angeles.

Angel of Music (photo by Mark Spatny), click to play video
Angel of Music

In 2000 I combined my music and painting in an interactive statue called "Angel of Music" displayed at the Los Angeles Music Center and featured in an LA Times Bestselling book called "A Community of Angels ." Randall Michael Tobin filmed and directed a video of the Angel of Music which can be viewed by clicking on the picture to the left. (Note that the entire video file,12.2Mb [.rm] will download before the video begins.)

In March 2006 I created a new performance art, painting live to my own music in front of an enthusiastic audience while being video'd. The musical composition was "An Iridescent Splash in Liquid Time" for Flute, Viola and Harp, the painting is called "Musical Mermaid" . One of my specialities is creating companion paintings which coordinate with my music.

Recently I have had two exhibits at Royal Gallery in Glendale, California (one exhibit was in honor of the Armenian Genocide) and was interviewed on local TV regarding using my art to create better understanding amongst peoples.

In early October 2006 I exhibited four paintings at the Artists for A Better World Art Exhibit at Celebrity Centre, Hollywood. A professional artist jury awarded "Summer Breeze" Best of Show: Watercolor. I am especially proud that my painting "From The Ashes, Rebirth" is part of the Artists for Human Rights World Tour Art Show which opened in November at The Johnson Art Collection , Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood. This moving and beautiful exhibit of the works of 31 artists will tour cities throughout the world in 2007, Florence, London, Egypt, San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C. and Manhattan (Soho).

Carol Worthey IAWM
          cover - Musical Mermaid
IAWM Cover
Musical Mermaid

In Spring 2007 an illustrated article by me called "Intriguing Counterpoint" (about the links between music and painting and the challenges of dual careers) will be published in the IAWM Journal , a highly-regarded international music journal. "Musical Mermaid" is featured in color on the cover.

Carol exhibited three artworks at the Biennale d'Arte Contemporanea di Firenze 2007 and received a special award from the Biennale President and City of Florence.