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Carol Worthey Fine Art

Here's a haiku * from my heart to yours:


* Haiku: An ancient Japanese form of poetry using only seventten syllables, designed to communicate some fleeting moment in nature or an ironic and subtle emotion. Poets from many languages have utilized the economic device of these few syllables to express "the now" or a sense of loss or nostalgia.


I awoke on Independence Day, the Fourth of July, having dreamt the entire first stanza of this poem. It describes the world of today on the verge of a new Tomorrow. Today people are bored in their office cubicles and long to create art, so they go online and start home businesses, knowing that Social Security is an endangered species. In a world of anonymity where Celebrities are the New Gods, where wars are fought over greed, where children reach for the golden ring but soon want off the carousel, Artists dream of a new world where they can create their art and get paid for it:

'Creative Conspiracy'


Poetry Awards

Editor's Choice Award
for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry
International Library of Poetry

Gold Poet Award
World of Poetry

Silver Poet Award
World of Poetry

First Prize in Poetry
Wheeler School, Providence, Rhode Island
Graduated with Honors
Advanced Placement English

Published in Anthology:
A Trusting Heart
International Library of Poetry