Art Tip #11    From Carol Worthey

Travel and Income Possibilities

Carol Worthey

Living Example: Robert Ripley of "Believe It Or Not" fame was so effortless as a draftsman that he could draw ANYTHING accurately and super-rapidly, be it ornate golden pagodas, peculiar and fascinating faces, animals of all description, you name it. He visited over one hundred countries in his lifetime, became fabulously wealthy, helped raise awareness on ecological reforms, received more mail than anyone else in U.S. Postal history (more than Santa Claus at the North Pole) and led a very satisfying life. As a child he mingled with Indian tribes and wondered about the wide world. However, he had trouble in the little red schoolhouse with reading and writing and was flunking his studies, UNTIL the teachers saw him draw and decided to let him DRAW his studies. He ended up getting A's in all his subjects and then learned to read and write. Believe It or Not!

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