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Worthgold Music is the agent for and publisher of the works of Composer, Painter and Writer: Carol Worthey.

Message from the Executive Director

Carol Worthey's career continued to expand this past year. Each year her art works are viewed and musical works performed for larger audiences all over the world.

Pianist Stanley Wong played and premiered works in Hong Kong. A new country, Spain was added when two of Carol's works were premiered in Alicante by pianists Daniel Curichagua and Victoria Marco as well as violinist Miguel Garcia Sala. Chinese pianist Helen Lin world-premiered two Worthey works in Beijing, then took them on-the-road to venues in seven other cities in China.

Carol also completed a number of new compositions. "Pavane Gitana" for Solo Piano was completed then adapted into a passionate Violin/Cello Duet. The piano version is set to be premiered this year. Seven additional new works have flowed from her avid imagination, accompanied by visual works to grace their covers. These new works are collected into a fun set of recital pieces for intermediate pianists — "Western Romance Suite" includes such evocative titles as "Big Sky Montana", "Sawdust Saloon", "Cowpoke Serenade" and "Tipsy Sidekick." On the choral scene, Carol's twelve musical portraits of each month painted in musical colors and textures that depict the characteristic moods, changing weather, special holidays and unique feeling of each month, "A Choral Calendar" still awaits its first performance. The first movement of a new string quartet "Tree-Rings: Redwoods" is currently being rehearsed. More on this later. Many other musical works are garnering multiple performance throughout the United States. Carol has, of course, created visual art works to grace the covers of all the new compositions. Ms. Worthey is currently working on finishing a commissioned work for Solo Cello.

Many of the above works are now available to be appreciated on Carol's website, but alas, many more remain that yours truly has not had the time to render on the web &mdash Events remain backlogged. View Past and Upcoming Events

Carol has had quite a busy year!