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Carol Worthey

Commissioning Music

"Composer Carol Worthey began composing at age three and
 a half. Her powerful and deeply moving compositions
 have been performed on five continents, gracing venues
 from Carnegie Hall to St. Martin-in-The-Fields."

Commissioning Music

"Among her mentors are Leonard Bernstein, Darius Milhaud
 and Vincent Persichetti."

Commissioning Music

"A champion of women's music, Carol has been honored
 with the Mu Phi Epsilon ACME Award."


Carol specializes in orchestral, chamber, choral and concert works in the classical neo-impressionistic school. That said, she is capable of composing works in most classical idioms.

For information on how to commission Carol to compose a work,
please call: 323.463.4010

Darius Milhaud    "How you were able to compose that piece when you only had one year of harmony at the time absolutely amazed me!  The work is advanced."
  Darius Milhaud
Famed French Composer and Mentor, Aspen Music Festival
Vincent Persichetti    "You think like a composer."
  Vincent Persichetti
Renowned American Composer & Head of Juilliard's Composition Department
Eddy Lawrence Manson    "Someday I will be known above all for being Carol Worthey's teacher!"
  Eddy Lawrence Manson
Academy-Award-winning Filmscorer, "The Little Fugitive"
Chick Corea    "Carol, you are a very gifted composer and your music really communicates."
  Chick Corea
Legendary, Multi-Grammy-Award-Winning Jazz Pianist & Composer
Leonard Bernstein    "Nocturne (Decision) is effective and pianistic.  I enjoyed playing it through!"
  Leonard Bernstein
Legendary Conductor, Composer, Educator & Pianist
Dick Grove    "Everyone in the class knows by now how to arrange, but there are only three real writers [i.e., composers] in the class.  You are one of them.  I believe you will make it bigtime!"
  Dick Grove
Famous Arranger & Jazz Educator, Founder of Grove School of Music
Deuane Kuenzi    "Great choral writing, Carol.  Voices Golden on The Silver Wind is gorgeous, really gorgeous and very well-crafted!"
  Deuane Kuenzi
World-renowned Music Director of Gloriana
recently returned from conducting The Cambridge Singers
Otto Luening    "Prelude (Before Time) is very evocative.  I like the way you've used splashes of higher harmonics to give freshness and color to the piece."
  Otto Luening
Head of Composition Department, Columbia University,
Pioneer in the development of Electronic Music
Brad Keimach    "Elegy is a major work, Carol!  You are at the height of your powers, but not the summit.  The piece overflows with lyricism, drama, passion, and beauty!  It is a gift for both performers and listeners.  You gave the soloist much to express, at one time pointing the way even as you allow freedom for deeply personal interpretation.  Cellists and musicians will be drawn to such a rich work."
  Brad Keimach
Conductor, Protégé of Leonard Bernstein & Graduate of Juilliard
Dr. Ian Hall    "One of the keynotes of [Elegy's] power to move listeners is its clarity.  I could hear it all with a simplicity (yet richness of sonority) and a power rare in contemporary music.  You are possessed of a warm spirit and talent in extremis."
  Dr. Ian Hall
Assistant Organist, St. Martin-in-The-Fields & Humanitarian
Dr. Luther S. Luedtke    "Powerful and deeply moving.  Rich in emotion and imagery, the piece [Elegy] and performance are permanently woven into the fabric and soul of everyone present."
  Dr. Luther S. Luedtke
President, California Lutheran University
Dr. Ruth Ann Galatas    "Carol Worthey's dazzling transcription of 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine' conjures up a smile but requires a challenging listen.  Carol deftly compliments the Motown hit by embellishing its famous theme with enriched harmonies and surprising textures.  She's taken a popular melody and put it in concert attire--a jewel of an encore!"
  Dr. Ruth Ann Galatas
Concert Pianist, Recording Artist
("Grapevine" was commissioned and world premiered by Dr. Galatas)
David Pomeranz    "You are a master musician and artist and are changing the aesthetic wave of this planet very markedly."
  David Pomeranz
Award-winning Composer/Lyricist of Musicals, Triple Platinum Songwriter, Master Performer
Marc Dana Williams    "In her Elegy, Carol Worthey presents us with a cathartic view of the events of September 11th, 2001.  She digs deep, going to a very private place inside her (and us) while invoking the sadness, confusion, and gravitas of the attacks and the lives touched by them.  Most of all, though, she infuses a sense of hope, describing the human condition as one that will renew, continuing to live and love.  We all thank Carol for this truly inspiring work."
  Marc Dana Williams
Conductor, Orchestre de Sciences-Po, Paris; Principal Conductor, Second Instrumental Unit, New York; Associate Conductor, Spoleto Festival USA; student-protege of Conductor/Composer Pierre Boulez
Marie Brown Curea    "Incredibly sensitive portraiture through music... paintings in sound... gorgeous."
  Marie Brown Curea
President, Los Angeles Chapter, Mu Phi Epsilon
Judith Searl    "Your music is extraordinary - touching, powerful, eloquent on so many levels. I'm in awe of your ability to create this wordless poetry. Music seems to me the highest of all the arts, and your gift is a gift to the whole world."
  Judith Searle
Poet, Writer
Dawn Weiss    "Carol's music has authenticity in it--it doesn't sound like she stopped somewhere and said, 'Now what do I do?' it comes from source , from her."
  Dawn Weiss
Principal Flutist, Oregon Symphony
Lois P. Jones    "You are a riot of poppies on the hillside, exploding with color and light."
  Lois P. Jones
Award-winning Poet & Anthologist
Luca Benucci    "Your 'Romanza' is one of the most exciting pieces I ever play!!!  Full of passion and lyrical phrase that since I played is difficult to take it away from my emotions!!!!!"
  Luca Benucci
Internationally famous horn virtuoso and mentor
Founder/Director of Santa Fiora Music Festival and Italian Brass Week
Steven David Horwich    "I've been aware of Carol as an artist for two decades.  She is a masterful composer, exceptional painter, and fine writer.  As a composer, her classically oriented works are rich in Impressionistic colors and ideas, but are equally fresh and contemporary.  Her music can smile, and can be filled with humor when she feels so inclined.  They can soar, break hearts, and create a remarkable intimacy.  Carol's musical works are always unique, always crafted with great professional care, and are always informed by the highest-minded artistic sensibility.  That they will survive is only a matter of the 'public' finding them and her.  It is not an issue of ability or genius.

  "The same can effectively be said for her painting.  She has expert technical skills, but transcends those in actual execution to create paintings that speak to and move the viewer.  Her writings, of course, sound like Carol.  They are clever, funny, intelligent, and artistically (and altruistically) motivated.

  "I can't recommend her work to any lover of art too highly."
  Steven David Horwich
Emmy Award winning writer/director, educator
Dr. Stephen Sturk    "I have had the distinct pleasure to study and perform a number of Carol Worthey's choral compositions.  Her exquisitely crafted choral works are rich and powerful.  Carol's idiom is tonally-based, yet thoroughly modern.  Her compositions delight the ear because they obviously come from the depths of her heart and soul!  Her works are a real joy to prepare and perform, and her audience is always impressed by the breath-taking beauty of the music."
  Dr. Stephen Sturk
Artistic Director, Cappella Gloriana (San Diego's professional chamber chorus)
Donna Broderick    "For over ten years, I have been fortunate enough to witness the infectious artistry of Carol Worthey. Without question, few composers can absorb an environment and manifest its beauty through music.  As a contralto, my primary interests have been her vocal compositions; however, I am aware of her orchestral and chamber works, and have attended live performances of them.  I believe she literally inhales oxygen and exhales music!"
  Donna Broderick
Alice Pero    "Carol Worthey is a prolific painter, composer and poet, whose music I have had the honor of having performed.  She is also a wonderful performer of her own poetry, with a beautiful speaking (and singing) voice; she commands a lot of attention.  Her music is an impressionistic tapestry that constantly surprises.  Always the storyteller, Worthey's music takes us on journeys of color to a magical place where all the arts meet and commune.  Her joy pervades us and we are changed, knowing the eternal optimism of a brilliant soul, Carol Worthey."
  Alice Pero
Founder of Moonday poetry reading series, author of 'Thawed Stars', flutist
Dan Severino    "I would like to take a moment to give my hearty commendation to the work of Carol Worthey.  As a fellow musician, educator, composer and publisher myself, I find a strong resonance with Carol's work.  Her work has an immediate appeal to one's musical sensibilities and instantly brings you into her sound world.  And with each hearing there are subtle details that one can focus on that make the listening more enjoyable and appreciative of her ability to communicate.  Carol communicates her ideas with a keen sense of the beauty of sound itself and she never forgets the importance of melody and the lush attractiveness of interesting harmonies.  Her work deserves to be more heard because our world sorely needs someone to bring it in touch with beauty and Carol's music does just that."
  Dan Severino
Pianist, Composer, Publisher and Educator
Malesha Jessie    "Carol Worthey is one of the most dedicated composers I've ever worked with.  She writes beautifully for the voice and really works to capture the natural flow of the vocal line.  It was a pleasure working with her."
  Malesha Jessie
Beth Levin    "'Romanza' is fresh, moving, emotional and a delight to work on and to perform.  I love finding new dimensions to the work each day and look forward to sharing it with audiences."

  “Your music seems to view the world freshly— I just love it!"
  Beth Levin
Piano Virtuoso
David Weiss    "Carol Worthey is a remarkably accomplished multi-talented person who brings a lovely innocence and sensuality to her work, whether it be painting or music.  Her composition 'Sandcastles' for flute, oboe, and bassoon was enthusiastically received at its world premiere (in which I performed) in April, 2010."
  David Weiss
Principal Oboe, Los Angeles Philharmonic (1973-2003)
Professor of Oboe and Woodwind Chamber Music,
USC Thornton School of Music
Deon Nielsen Price    "Her soul being that of a poet, Carol Worthey's musical compositions, paintings, and writings exude a warm aesthetic and strong emotional impact.  Their euphony, cacophony, alliteration, dissonance, consonance, rhythm, rhyme and meter bring poetic beauty in all three media."
  Deon Nielsen Price
Doctor of Musical Arts
President National Association of Composers—Los Angeles Chapter
Ken Hedgecock    "It is said we come to earth trailing clouds of glory as we descend from Heaven.

  "A truer statement could not be said of Carol Worthey.  Truly a person with a heart of solid gold.  Her compositions are modern, but yet retain that romantic feel with a sense of pure music that is often overlooked by many of today's modern composers.  Her compositions feel the area around them and draw the listener into them with their heart and soul.

  "Carol's music is unique in today's world as her pieces have a heart.  Carol's unique gift of understanding the human condition in today's modern world is not only heard through her music, but seen through her other art forms as well.

  "True artists, like Carol, only happen once every few hundred years and it is my utmost pleasure to be able to have her as a friend.  I am sure her best works are ahead of her and I can't wait to see how her works unfold during my lifetime.  I have no doubt that one day we will list the most famous composers of all time as: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Bernstein and Worthey."
  Ken Hedgecock
Classical Music Discoveries
Iris Malkin    "Carol Worthey is a wonderful and extremely talented composer.  I feel fortunate to have met her and her beautiful music.  Her compositions for voice and piano are so moving and soulful, and she really knows how to bring out the best of every musician who performs her music.  I can't wait to perform her beautiful new song cycle, 'the petal of somewhere'."
  Iris Malkin